FibTrader.Free and FibTrader.ATM Have Been Released!

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We’re excited to announce that both our Free and subscription FibTrader products have been officially released!

If you have suggestions for new features, just let us know in the FibTrader section of our Forum on this Website.

Thanks for your interest,

The HalfWayBack Team

Thanks for Stopping By…

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We’re excited to announce that HalfWayBack.FibTrader will be available at some point in January 2014.

We’ve put a tremendous amount of work into making HalfWayBack.FibTrader a useful tool for Fib-based trading systems.  We’ll be offering a fully functional 14-day trial so that you can download, install, and try it our for yourself.

Prior to the release, we’ll be adding more video tutorials and content here on this site.  So, become a member of our Blog (it’s free) and we’ll send out emails as we add new content and when we have officially released.