Free NinjaTrader™ Indicators

NinjaTrader™ Indicator Installation Instructions

To install an indicator in NinjaTrader™ follow these steps:

  • 1. Select an indicator from the list below and download the desired indicator

  • 2. From within the NinjaTrader™ Control Center select ‘File/Utilities/Import NinjaScript…’

  • 3. Browse to the folder you downloaded the indicator into and select it

  • 4. You should now be able to add your new indicator to a chart

  • 5. Enjoy your indicator!

★ = Most Popular

★ TICK Divergence Indicator v2.2 -- Displays Current ^TICK Divergence in *ANY* Chart


What it does:

Displays a chart label in *ANY* chart of *ANY* timeframe showing the current divergence. Bullish, bearish, or both. Includes alerts.

★ TICK Entry v1.5 -- Shows an Information Bubble in /ES Charts during High/Low TICKs


What it does:

Displays a bubble in any chart based on user-configurable High/Low $TICK settings. Useful in order to see $TICK extremes right next to price in your /ES chart.

★ Gap Fill v1.0 BETA -- Shows Gaps, Half Gaps, and Pivots in /ES Charts


What it does:

Displays Gap, HalfGap, and Pivot levels in an /ES chart. Also indicates filled/non-filled gaps.