Free thinkorswim Studies

thinkorswim Study Installation Instructions

To install a study in thinkorswim follow these steps:

  • 1. Select a study from the list below and download the desired study

  • 2. Open the study in Notepad and select ‘Edit/Select All’

  • 3. Select ‘Edit/Copy’ to place the entire study in the Clipboard

  • 4. From within thinkorswim click on ‘Studies’ and select ‘Edit Studies…’ from the menu

  • 5. In the lower left, click on ‘New…’

  • 6. In the window that pops up, delete the ‘plot Data = close;’ text

  • 7. Switch back to the thinkorswim New Study window, right-click and select ‘paste’

  • 8. Give the study a title in the edit field at the top

  • 9. Click ‘OK’

  • 10. You should now be able to add your new study to a chart

  • 11. Enjoy your study!

★ = Most Popular

★ TICK Divergence Indicator v2.2 -- Displays Current $TICK Divergence in $TICK Chart


What it does:

Displays a chart label in your $TICK chart showing the current divergence. Bullish, bearish, or both. Includes alerts.

★ TICK Entry v1.5 -- Shows an Information Bubble in /ES Charts during High/Low $TICKs


What it does:

Displays a bubble in your time-aggregation /ES chart based on user-configurable High/Low $TICK settings. Useful in order to see $TICK extremes right next to price in your /ES chart.

★ GapFillTrader v2.6 -- Displays Complete GapFill Trading Hints


What it does:

Provides ‘hints’ and UI for Gapfill trades and also displays Gapfill odds.

GapFill Hints v1.0 -- Displays GapFill Hints and Odds for the Current Day


What it does:

Displays GapFill percentage (user-configurable) for each day of the week and ‘hint’ labels about 1st trading day of month, OpEx week, and contract rollover. This study is already included in the GapFillTrader study.

★ Enhanced Crash v1.1 -- Displays Daily Gap, Half Gap, and Pivot


What it does:

Gap and Pivot display for /ES. Modifed EminiAddict Crash with added Gap and Go plots as well as ‘snugs’ the plots closer to price so you don’t need as many ‘right bars’ to view the next day’s gap and pivot.

★ Market Breadth v1.1 -- Displays Market Breadth in Chart


What it does:

Plots NYSE or NASDAQ Breadth throughout the session. Makes it easier to identify the breadth trend.

Trading Windows v1.2 -- Shows Time-based Trade/No Trade Areas in Chart


What it does:

I use it on my /6e chart, but you can use it on any chart. Highlights two time windows during the day: ok to trade and not ok to trade. Makes it easy to see price action within the window. Great for chart reviews and to convince yourself when you should and should not be trading.

Trading Zones v1.0 -- Displays a Label Showing OK or Not OK to Trade by Time


What it does:

Displays either a ‘No Trades’ label in Red, or a ‘Trades OK’ label in green based on user-configurable time ‘windows’. Up to 3 separate windows can be defined. Just make sure that they don’t overlap. If you don’t use all 3 windows simply set the times for the unused windows to ’0′. The default settings are configured for the /es based on rules.

Trend Strength Meter v1.7 -- Displays 'Trend Meter' Showing Trend Strength and ADX


What it does:

Displays a nifty ‘meter’ that shows trend and trend strength as well as the current value of the ADX.

Volume Alert v1.0 -- Generates Alerts When Volume Exceeds User-Defined Levels


What it does:

Simple study that produces a user configurable alert when volume exceeds the user-defined amount. Currently supports 1, 5, and 15 minute charts. Any other timeframe will require modification of the study

Weekly Open v1.1 -- Display Horizontal Bar on the Weekly Open


What it does:

Simple study that displays a dashed line at the weekly open price.

Trend Hints v1.1 -- Displays Labels Identifying Weekly, Daily, & 15 Minute Trends


What it does:

Simple study that displays labels in red or green based on user settings to indicate the trend direction on the weekly, daily, and 15 minute timeframes.