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Take Full Control of Your Trading For Only $99.99/Month

HalfWayBack.FibTrader.ATM is a fib tool.  A fib tool which has been specifically designed to trade fibonnaci-based trading systems with unprecedented control and precision and which works exclusively with the NinjaTrader™ trading platform.  It will not work with any other platform.

As retail traders in today’s financial markets, we’re at a significant disadvantage to the complex algorithms and big money that drive price.  HalfWayBack.FibTrader.ATM helps to level the playing field by consistently executing your pre-configured trading rules with complete consistency.  HalfWayBack.FibTrader.ATM is flexible enough to accommodate many different fib-based trading systems and when properly applied, gives the retail trader an additional edge against the other players in the market.

• Optimizes trade entries based on your fib system’s identified trade levels and market internals

• Executes your predefined trading plan with ruthless precision and speed

• Maximizes profits with sophisticated fib-based Auto Trade Management

• Prevents over-trading and liberates the trader from common psychological mistakes


The Terms

HalfWayBack.FibTrader.ATM is available by subscription only and we offer a fully-functional 14-day trial. You will be charged a $.30 USD (30 cents) non-refundable fee to cover the PayPal transaction when your subscription is established even if you choose to cancel during the trial period.  Your subscription entitles you to run HalfWayBack.FibTrader.ATM on up to 2 computers simultaneously using the same license key. You can cancel at any time with no hard feelings and no strings attached if you find that HalfWayBack.FibTrader.ATM is not for you. If you do choose to cancel, your license will remain valid until the end of the current billing period. We do not provide refunds.

HalfWayBack.FibTrader.Free is available for unlimited use at no cost… we don’t even ask you for your email address.  We encourage you to download and try out the free version to familiarize yourself with how it works before subscribing.

Now… if you’ve watched the videos, spent some time with HalfWayBack.FibTrader.Free and you’re ready to take your trading to the next level, click the ‘Subscribe’ button above.

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