HalfWayBack.FibTrader is a fib tool. A fib tool which has been specifically designed to trade fibonnaci-based trading systems with unprecedented control and precision and which works exclusively with the NinjaTrader™ trading platform. It will not work with any other platform.

As retail traders in today’s financial markets, we’re at a significant disadvantage to the complex algorithms and big money that drive price. FibTrader.ATM helps to level the playing field by consistently executing your pre-configured trading rules with complete consistency. HalfWayBack.FibTrader is configurable enough to accommodate many different fib-based trading systems and when properly applied, gives the retail trader an additional edge against the other players in the market.

HalfWayBack.FibTrader is a professionally written Fibonacci tool designed by a trader for traders.  Proper trade management can make the difference between the 5% of traders that are consistently profitable and the 95% who ultimately fail.  If you experience cutting winners short, letting losers run, taking unplanned entries at the market, or flattening trades out of fear, then click the button to learn more.

Most successful traders would agree that the hardest part of trading happens after an entry is identified.  Proper trade management can make all the difference between those traders who succeed and those who ultimately fail.  If you experience cutting winners short, letting losers run, taking unplanned entries at the market, or flattening trades out of fear, your problem is most likely psychological.

HalfWayBack.FibTrader was specifically designed to help give traders the psychological edge required  for consistent profits.


Is HalfWayBack.FibTrader Just Another Fib Tool?

No.  HalfWayBack.FibTrader is much, much more than a typical Fib drawing tool.  However, if all you want is a fib tool with advanced features such as ’rounding’ and the ability to automatically calculate risk/reward and other statistics that are based directly on the fib itself, we encourage you to download and use the FREE version available here.  This is an unrestricted, no nag-screen, version of HalfWayBack.FibTrader without the Order Management functionality.

With the ATM version of HalfWayBack.FibTrader, fibs become much more than just drawings on a chart.  They are used to define everything about trade entries and their subsequent management.  Once you have pulled a fib and decided to place an order, HalfWayBack.FibTrader takes 100% complete control of you order and optimizes your entry.  When in a live or simulated trade, HalfWayBack.FibTrader employs sophisticated fib-based Automatic Trade Management and, based on your well-defined rules, will manage 100% of the rest of the trade for you.

We encourage you to review the various videos we have created that cover the entire feature set of HalfWayBack.FibTrader and demonstrate the advantages which can help you take your trading to the next level.


How Can HalfWayBack.FibTrader Benefit My Trading?

• Optimize trade entries to ensure the absolute best entry possible

• Automatic enforcement of your personal trading rules.  True ‘set it and forget it’ trading to eliminate ‘greed’ and ‘fear’

• Fully configurable, automated, dynamic fib-based Auto Trade Management

• Dynamic Fib Adjustment.  Fibs can adjust to price action automatically for you

• Completely eliminates the need to manually place orders and to manually adjust stops and targets

• Much, much more.